Our Company

McIntire Realty (“MR”) is the division under McIntire Real Estate that focuses on the residential real estate market.  MR provides a hands on approach in the residential market throughout Southern California.  Additionally, MR is positioned to work with Buyers and Sellers in accommodating all their residential real estate needs.  With a staff of seasoned real estate professionals, which have sold millions of dollars worth of real estate, MR continues to provide quality service to all clients.

Our agents provide fast reliable information regarding the markets, trends, neighborhoods, school systems, demographics, comparable market analysis (‘CMA”), and much more.  Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, our role is to be a valuable resource to each client.  Throughout the transaction, our team works to provide timely answers to the many questions that come up for Buyers and Sellers not only during a transaction, but long after the transaction has closed.  We understand that simple and complex questions regarding buying or selling a home continually arise.  As a result, we welcome and continue to answer each client’s request on a daily basis.

As professional real estate agents and brokers, we have a vast understanding of the variety of different documents that are involved in buying or selling a home.  We coordinate all transaction paperwork and make sure each document is correctly initialed, signed, and submitted.  We also coordinate this paperwork with each client in order to ensure that they are legally protected as best as possible.  Further, we work with each client throughout the negotiation process to brainstorm new ideas and the many different strategy options that go into closing a transaction.

Furthermore, our agents are members of the local, state, and national real estate associations and real estate groups.  These memberships provide clients with up to date industry news, along with an in depth support system throughout each transaction.  Our memberships include access to all leading real estate web sites and multiple listing services, as well as market reports detailing pricing trends, listing durations, and historical sales activity in each neighborhood. Our team has the necessary relationships in place and the experience to obtain data about neighborhood’s amenities, services, schools, zoning laws, and tax codes, but more importantly, we can provide that information to you in a timely manner so you can make fast and informed decisions.

Lastly, our agents have years of experience dealing with negotiations and deal structuring.  Therefore, we position ourselves to work closely with each client to be a value added resource during the buying or selling process.  If you are a buyer, our team can work on your behalf with a seller to negotiate a sale price; set a date for escrow closing; and determine what, if any repairs you’d like the owner to complete as part of the terms of the agreement. If you are a seller, our team’s role may include negotiating a sale price, negotiating discounts with advertisers, and much more.

Closing the deal takes a lot more than some fancy marketing flyers and a social media campaign. MR’s continued support before, during, and after the real estate transaction, ensures that both buyer and seller have received the proper documentation for successfully completing a sale. We look forward to providing all of our professional residential real estate services to you.