With the current market conditions, is now a good time to sell my home?

The market has been going up recently compared to the previous low years.  With low inventory, now is a very good time to sell as we are in a Sellers Market.  We always recommend a full analysis of your situation and your property before advising whether now is a good time to sell for you.

How do I choose a Real Estate brokerage and agent?

Depending on the type of property that you are looking to sell, brokerages have specialties in different types of brokerage sales. For example, there are agents that specialize in buyers only or sellers only. You will want to interview the agent and get experience on the types of transactions they are familiar with and the type of deals they have done in the past.

What are the costs involved in selling my home? 

Fees vary depending on the property as well as what is negotiated in the sale. Some standard costs that you can expect across the board include:

  • Escrow Fees
  • Taxes
  • Commissions
  • Termite Repairs
  • Courier Service Fees
  • Natural Hazard Disclosure Costs
  • Title Fees
  • Wiring Fees
  • Documentary Transfer Taxes
  • Document Preparation Fees

How can I get the best price for my property?

No matter when you sell, an important step in getting the best price is to ensure that the property is effectively exposed to the market and promoted to potential prospects. Strategically developing and implementing marketing for the property enables you to target the ideal buyer and usually produces the best results.  We offer a tip sheep that provides detail on selling your home fast for top dollar and you can request it at anytime here http://www.pasadenaregionhomeinfo.com/27tips.asp

Should I hire a broker to sell my property? 

There are definitely great advantages to hiring a broker. Brokers have local market and real estate knowledge, marketing resources and negotiating skills that you may not possess. Hiring a broker that has extensive real estate experience and expertise plus a history of success are key to securing the highest price for your home.

What type of questions should I ask a broker before hiring them?

You should ask a broker to provide details about their commercial or investment real estate work experience. Also, ask for specific and recent sale transactions that they were involved with and their roles in those transactions, as well as some details about their current exclusive listings. Client testimonials are also good ways to evaluate a broker’s accomplishments.

What type of listing agreement should I want as a seller?

A listing agreement is an employment contract for professional services between the seller and the broker. It should always be in writing so each party understands the relationship. Though there are a few types of listing agreements, an ‘exclusive right to sell’ agreement appoints one broker as the agent for the seller. This arrangement is advantageous to the seller because this one broker is responsible for all marketing, communicating and negotiating on the seller’s behalf. A broker will also spend more time and effort on this type of listing since the seller has given a commitment to the broker.  If a seller wants to co-list with multiple agents, you can expect to have a lot of tension between the agents and the strategies they want to implement.

What should I expect from the broker?

You should expect the broker to represent your interests at all times and to offer you practical advice and strategy. It is important that the broker has working knowledge of real estate, implements effective marketing for your property and communicates with you and prospects in a professional and timely manner.

How does the broker price my property?

Pricing a property varies and the method used will depend on the property type. Standard Sales require a comparative analysis of like properties that are active, pending, and for sale in comparison to your home. This requires the broker to review the market for recent sale transactions and current listings and then to formulate a price from the data. One of the best ways is to use an appraiser approach in analyzing your home since a future buyer will most likely be getting a loan to buy it.

What questions should I ask in selecting the right real estate agent?

We offer ‘10 Questions You Must Ask When Interviewing and Agent’ report for all prospective home sellers.  You can request this report here http://www.pasadenaregionhomeinfo.com/agent_questions.asp

I would like to sell my house. What is the next step?

The first step is to schedule a time to meet with us in our office or at your home. During this meeting, we will walk you through the several stages of the process in selling your home, provide you with a comparative market analysis, and familiarize you with the services we provide. We will answer all of your questions to make sure you feel comfortable in going forward with the process of selling your house.
We will also present you with a selling strategy based on your specific goals and desired outcome. There is no obligation on your part at the end of this initial consultation meeting.

How long it will take to sell my house?

Based on the price point we agree on, the condition of your property, the desirability of your neighborhood, and your motivation level, are some of the key factors that determine how fast you’ll be able to sell your house. We can walk you through these details during our initial consultation meeting.