Social Media

MRE is a strong advocate of social media and staying at the forefront of technology.  With the younger generation leading the way in technology development and its advancements, there is no doubt that todays innovative technology will be a normal activity in the future.  We embrace these advancements and look to adapt and utilize them as best as possible.  We invite you to join our many social media outlets below.


MRE’s company Facebook page launched in early 2012 and continues to grow.  Our team consistantly updates our page on a daily basis and provides our fans with cutting edge information on real estate current events and company news.  If you aren’t involved in the real estate industry on a daily basis, ‘Like Us‘ our page and we will keep you updated on the most important issues in todays real estate news!


MRE’s company Twitter page was also launched in early 2012 and we are already over 2,600 followers with just a three month intensive twitter campaign.  Our team actively posts and usually have a new link or update each day.  As most of you know, the twitter craze has been around for a few years now and it provides and quick and easy outlet to find the most popular trending topics in real time instead of having to wait for it to be reported on the regular news.  Follow Us on twitter and stay updated on important issues in todays real estate news!


MRE is in the process of establishing and growing a presence on the LinkedIn network.  At this time, LinkedIn is the leading provider of professional social media and offers our agents and staff members and great source for developing a strong business network.  As we actively allign ourselves with successful real estate professionals, we will continue to be a leading provider in the Los Angeles real estate market.  Join Us on LinkedIn so we can grow our businesses to the next level!


Over the next several months, MRE will be developing and growing our video feed on YouTube highlighting a variety of different properties.  As we upload new videos, we will be presenting a variety of properties including but not limited to short sales, foreclosures, standard residential sales, rehab properties, commercial investments, industrial, retail, office, and more.  Follow our channel on YouTube to learn more about MRE’s projects and real estate deals.